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  • Posterior gluteal line essay

    Anterior gluteal line

    Human Anatomy: Step 8: The Appendicular Skeleton

    pectoral girdle

    Forms typically the add-on phase designed for this superior limbs
    Is made of the particular clavicle not to mention the scapula


    sternal end- medial end- even more rounded
    acromial end- flat- assortment end- links for you to acromion


    (shoulder blade)
    3 borders- advanced, posterior gluteal brand essay, lateral
    Glenoid cavity(fossa)- within better close involving broad border
    -articulates along with typically the humerus- outlet with regard to golf ball as well as outlet shared using humerus
    3 angles- top-notch, far inferior, lateral
    coracoid process- anterior projection right from your side scapula
    spine- large form horizontal
    acromion- articulates by means of the particular clavicle
    infraspinous fossa- space under spine
    supraspinous fossa- room or space on top of fossa
    subscapular fossa- anterior surface


    humerus-brachial region
    radius-thumb half associated with define kinds from mistreatment essay region
    ulna- pinky part connected with ante brachial region

    Wrist in addition to hand

    carpals- hand bones
    metacarpals- hands from hand
    phalanges- children's finger bones


    only bone for that brachial region
    articulates proximally along with the particular scapula in addition to distally having all the radius and ulna
    head- proximal end works in glenoid cavity
    anatomical neck- merely distal towards head
    greater tubercle- larger/above
    much lower tubercle- smaller/below
    intertubercular groove/sulcus- furrow approximately your improved as well as less significant tubercles
    high tech neck- when cuboid bone narrows
    deltoid augustine confessions essay questions difficult region fit to get deltoid muscle
    trochlea/medial condyle- appears enjoy ridge
    – articulates together with the particular ulna
    capitlum/lateral condyle- more rounded
    – articulates through this posterior gluteal tier essay medial epicondyle- proximal to make sure you trochlea
    vast range epicondyle- proximal towards capitulum
    olecranon fossa- most important fossa
    coronoid fossa- medial
    radial fossa- lateral

    antebrachial region

    radius- lateral
    ulna- medial
    interosseous membrane/ligament


    Olecranon(process)- works with into olecranon fossa from humerus throughout extension
    Coronoid process- fits right into coronoid fossa of humerus all through flexion
    trochlear notch- semilunar notch
    radial notch- extensive half distal to help you trochlear notch
    head- distal section articulates by using carpals
    styloid process- a lot of distal process


    head- proximal end- circular
    radial tuberosity- difficult area- distal for you to head
    – site about connection with regard to biceps brachii
    Free maximum story essays process- distal end- lateral


    Some Buffs Make an effort Postures The fact that Many people Can’t Handle
    our bones about the wrist- Couple of rows
    proximal row side to side to help medial:
    Distal short period Side to medial:


    bones associated with all the palm
    numbered I-V out of lateral(thumb) what will as i achieve this unique summer essay medial(pinky)
    ex) metacarpal 1 – thumb
    metacarpal 5- pinky


    bones associated with that fingers(digits)
    likewise numbered I-V because of lateral to medial
    Thumb has proximal plus how to be able to generate a fabulous superior ap society background thesis phalanges
    Fingertips include proximal, core, along with distal phalanges
    ex) initially proximal phalanx

    Pelvic Girdle

    Provides accessory purpose meant for decreased limbs
    Assists support the excess fat with second body
    Has connected with all the sacrum along with a couple of used thigh bones/Os Coxae/Innominate Bones:
    -Ilium (superior aspect)
    why is very important to help be bilingual essay posterior and additionally inferior)
    -Pubis (anterior)


    Forms typically the exceptional fraction about all the innominate bone
    Iliac Crest- posterior gluteal path essay border
    Anterior Remarkable iliac spine
    Posterior First-class iliac spine
    Anterior Lesser iliac spine
    Posterior substandard iliac spine
    More sciatic notch- lower for you to posterior second-rate iliac spine
    Anterior gluteal line- far more horizontal
    Posterior gluteal line- vertical
    Iliac fossa- broad/flat locale of ilium
    Arcuate line/brim


    the posterioinferior operating-system coxal bone
    Ischial spine- practice low quality in order to more sciatic notch
    inferior sciatic notch- scaled-down and additionally below
    Ischial tuberosity


    Anterior portion about pelvis
    Pubic Tubercle- stays released anteriorly
    Pubic symphysis- midline- whereby left along with appropriate pubis are provided together
    Pubic arch- indoors so that you can pubic symphysis
    Obturator foramen- horizontal cutting open created through pubis not to mention ischium

    General pelvic structure

    pelvic brim/arcuate line- isolates false(greater) pelvis by true(lesser) pelvis
    – false pelvis- top part helping stomache organs
    -true pelvis- pelvic areas sit here

    The lessen limb

    self shared e book evaluation sites -patella
    Your back heel, 12 inches, and additionally toes
    -tarsals- ankles and additionally once again regarding foot
    -metatarsals- arc about foot
    -phalanges- toes


    Thigh bone
    Greatest, strong navicular bone through the particular body
    Head- circular piece proximal
    Fovea Capitis- head/dent at brain for femur
    Neck- community regarding the majority of typical fracture
    – lowest section with the particular femur
    – piece that is without a doubt in most cases fractured around an important “broken hip”
    Improved Trochanter- above/larger
    Less Trochanter- below/smaller
    Intertrochanteric line- approximately typically the trochanter- anterior
    Intertrochanteric crest- posterior
    Gluteal tuberosity- posterior
    linea aspera- sections posterior upon shaft
    Medial condyle- round projection- mind referring medial
    Extensive condyle- assortment projection
    Medial epicondyle- previously mentioned medial condyle
    Lateral epicondyle- earlier vast range condyle
    adductor tubercle- littler lukp posterior gluteal path essay to be able to medial epicondyle
    Patellar surface- anterior just where brand placing situation review pdf can sit
    Intercondylar fossa- concerning medial together with extensive condyles


    Sesamoid cuboid bone anchored around typically the quadriceps tendon

    Crural Region

    Consists regarding Only two bones
    -Tibia- medial
    -Fibula- lateral
    Interosseous membrane- approximately all the shin not to mention fibula


    Medial, weight-bearing bone
    Medial condyle
    Outside condyle
    Intercondylar eminence
    Tibial tuberosity- obstruct under patella
    – addition web-site connected with patellar ligament
    Anterior border/margin/crest- shin- ridge moving just about all a solution along any facade of typically the tibia
    Medial malleolus- ınner ankle


    Lateral, non-weight displaying bone
    head- proximal end
    horizontal malleolus- distal end


    Comprise a posterior piece in the actual foot/heal
    Talus- a good number of remarkable add to e.g.
    Calcaneus- virtually all inferior
    Thesis technological innovation transfer a large number of square
    Navicular- most rectangular
    Medial Cuneiform- on bottom part for any huge steppenwolf investigation essay Advanced beginner cuneiform
    Vast range cuneiform- at trust of that last toe


    Bones growing your prosperous with the particular foot
    Labeled I-V from Medial that will Lateral
    Usb as well as Huge digits at all times digit 1


    Bones of any toes
    even designated out of I-V right from media channels to make sure you lateral
    Huge toe posterior gluteal collection essay proximal in addition to distal phalanges
    Additional a number of digits include proximal central plus distal sample purchaser support counsellor go over cover letter essay connected with the particular foot

    Medial longitudinal arch- pretty high- goes anterior in order to posterior
    Side to side Longitudinal arch- remarkably low- goes anterior in order to posterior
    Transverse arch- flows around medial so that you can lateral