Description of the Response Diary

What exactly is Response Log?

Journals present learners with an opportunity to record their personal thoughts, feelings, ideas, questions, reflections, connections, and fresh learning about what they hear, view, read, write, go over and believe.

" What we as teachers want is that their producing enable pupils to customize a story and gain insights about the smoothness, to help them echo, and to make them see the community in a different way. ” (Brownlie, 2005)

" The reflections are the making of deeper meaning and more potent understandings. Our reflections are our dreams, our tips, our queries, our pursuits, our thoughts – our journeys of lifelong learning and teaching. ” (Schwartz & Bone, 1995)

Why are Response Journals an effective reading approach?

Response periodicals allow the learners to " remember to keep their thinking” about what they can be reading. (Zimmermann, 1997)

Response journals are easily implemented by any means levels. They may be used to target specific effects of the Regional ELA Curriculum.

Response journals can be used with any genre of literature (poetry, short stories, multimedia text, new studies) and different content material areas that use expository textual content.

When will need to Response Journals be presented?

Response journals should be released as soon as possible employing scaffolding just like sentence frames or encourages to start. The goal should be to have students enter the midsection years sense comfortable with saving their reactions to studying with minimum scaffolding.

How to ensure student success?

Choose poetry, stories or ebooks with enough depth to elicit responses. Students needs to have the opportunity to talk about the browsing before ever before being asked to write a reply. Use of the " Say Something” approach (Brownlie, 2005) creates a great atmosphere of acceptance and trust. Building, scaffolding, building criteria with students and practice with feedback would be the most important tools for increasing the quality of reactions. Scaffolding is a use of various starters, frames and graphic organizers to allow students to produce thoughtful replies. If needed, open ended prompts may be used for some students. (See Appendix) Modeling is important to the achievement of scholar journal composing. Teachers have to model their thinking about a selected piece of textual content and how that thinking can be used to form a written response. This must be done on a regular basis throughout the year which has a variety of text messages and reactions. Students need frequent practice in the various forms of journal writing. The teacher need to provide responses based on criteria that has been developed with the students. This practice with responses allows students to screen their progress and set desired goals for long term journal responses.

Exactly what the different formats for Response Journals?

(See Appendix intended for examples)

1 ) Double Entry Journal

This is actually the most common response journal. The page is divided by 50 % lengthwise. 1 side refers to a specific part of text by means of a estimate or a brief summary. The specific text message may target a literary strategy, approach or element of the author's craft. It may also elicit a personal response like a connection, sense or view. The other side focuses on the students' thoughts about the selected piece of text.

2 . Diary Entry

In this style, the student creates from the point of view of just one of the heroes. It should incorporate what the figure might be thinking or sense.

3. Model

Students attract or demonstrate a specific picture using believed bubbles or perhaps captions to exhibit the character's thoughts and feelings or perhaps demonstrate the scene's importance. (Brownlie, 2005)

4. Interview

The student accocunts for questions they might ask one of the primary characters. The questions are answered inside the characters " voice”.

five. Letter

There are many choices in this response. Students might write a letter to a character, to the creator, to the teacher, to a good friend, to...

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