Explain How the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Synchronize the Supply and Transport of Oxygen towards the Cells and Removal of Carbon Dioxide from the Bloodstream

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1 . Explain how the respiratory and circulatory devices coordinate the provision and transport of oxygen to the cellular material and associated with carbon dioxide through the blood. (10 Marks) Section 1: What happens in the respiratory system?

Respiratory System: Coordinating the Supply and transport of Oxygen

2. Oxygen is inhaled an arm and a leg or mouth

* Trips down through the Pharynx

* Travels down the Larynx

* Actually reaches the lung area and experiences the Bronchi

* Through the Bronchioles

5. Then reach's the Alveoli

* The Oxygen then simply leaves the lungs and it is transported throughout the body via blood vessels

5. Deoxygenated bloodstream carries the Carbon Dioxide back in the lungs * The deoxygenated atmosphere then retraces its actions

* Returning to the Alveoli

* To the Bronchioles

2. Through the Bronchi

* Through the Larynx and Pharynx

* In that case finally out of your nose or mouth.

Paragraph 2: Circulatory System

Bloodstream transportation

-- The heart sends bloodstream around your body. The blood provides your body together with the oxygen and nutrients it takes. It also carries away squander such as carbon. -Your heart is sort of just like a pump. The ideal atrium of your heart will get de-oxygenated bloodstream from the body system and sends it throughout the valve to the right ventricle, back to the lungs so that it can be re-oxygenated. -The kept atrium obtains blood from the lungs in which it is passed through another device into the still left ventricle in that case pumped away into the physique. - Blood is driven and circulated through the body system via bloodstream vassals. -- An adult comes with an average of 5 lt of bloodstream in the body; the circulatory program carries this entire volume on one finish circuit throughout the body every minute. -It equalizes body temperature helping maintain standard water balance.

Section 3:

Just how is it possible? What allows that to happen?

+The Pharynx has hairs to filter atmosphere.

+The Trachea is covered with mucus secreting cells.

+Bronchi and Bronchioles acquire air deep into...

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