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chapter 20—insight into values:

the ethical and legal implications of breaching business policy for the use of electronic digital data

1 . Nikita, a great employee-agent of Operational Operations, Inc., is definitely authorized to get into company control secrets. Nikita downloads all those secrets on to a thumb drive. The lady then stops Operational's utilize and visits work for Mess Analysis, Incorporation., an Functional competitor, with whom your woman shares the secrets. According to agent's responsibility of dedication to her principal, this is

a. unethical, however, not illegal.

b. neither underhanded nor illegitimate.

c. against the law, but not unethical.

d. dishonest and against the law.


BUSPROG: ReflectiveAICPA: BB-Legal

chapter 22—insight into integrity:

appearance-based splendour

2 . Jim is shorter than Kevin, and Lonna is less attractive than Merilyn. Research shows that compared with taller men and more attractive individuals, Jim will likely make less income and Lonna are getting poorer overall performance reviews and a lower wage. Appearance-based discrimination has been banned by

a. Michigan and at least half a dozen cities.

n. none of the options.

c. all the states.

g. the federal government.


BUSPROG: ReflectiveAICPA: BB-Legal

Unit five—focus in ethics:

the employment environment

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