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Gothic Cathedrals

Brandy Winstead

Artwork 101

04 24, 2011


Medieval Cathedrals

Medieval Art is concerned with the piece of art, sculpture, structures, and music characteristic from the second of two wonderful international eras that blossomed in american and central Europe during the middle Ages. It is just a form of fine art which encompasses not only paintings and ornement, but likewise religious artifacts and magnificent cathedrals. The entire world knows Westminster Abbey. The original building was founded in 960 ADVERTISING, however , very little of it continues to be today. The present building dates from the rule of California king Henry III. In 1245 he had the eastern portion of the 11th hundred years Abbey demolished, which had been founded simply by King Edward the Confessor and devoted in 1065. Earlier in Henry's reign, on 18 May 1220, he had in person laid the inspiration stone for a new Female Chapel on the east end of the Confessor's church, but as the Abbey's own financial resources were not sufficient to continue the rebuilding with the whole house of worship at this time simply no other work was performed (WestminsterAbbey. com, В 2011). The first cathedral at Rouen was built-in 396 by simply Bishop Victricius. This was damaged by the invading Normans, whom replaced it with a bigger cathedral which has a wooden burial container. Consecrated in 1063 inside the presence of William the Conqueror, all that remains on this building is a crypt underneath the choir. Rouen Cathedral was rebuilt in 1145 by Bishop Hugues d'Amiens based on the new Gothic style he had seen in Saint-Denis Basilica in Paris, france. After a open fire in 1200 destroyed all but the nao arcades, the Saint-Romain tower and the remaining portal, renovation began simultaneously. The negliger and the remaining portion of the cathedral were built in the greater mature Medieval style of the 13th hundred years, completed around 1250 (Sacred Destinations, В 2011). Lincoln Tall is one of the greatest medieval buildings in European countries, which podiums above Lincoln, which is a dominant landmark to get...

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