Jewelry Market Analysis

п»їChina's Charms Industry Evaluation

Wei Jia

China is the world's essential jewelry manufacturer and client. Due to traditional reasons, China's jewelry industry developed a little later, and started in the first 1980 h. In recent years, as a result of rapid advancement national economy and the improvement of residents' disposable income, China's earrings industry gives a high-speed development. According to the statistics, China's earrings industry growth in twelve-monthly sales quantity for years in addition to 2009 come to $36650 million, and record sales this year, to $43450 million, travelled up 18. 6% by a year previous. According to the Chinese language Jewelry Administration Center, that estimates that by 2020 China can become the world's largest earrings consumer market. Table 1 . Table two

International experience shows that when a country's per capita GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT reached $3000, residents of consumer spending will change from necessity, subsistence which is given concern to with food and clothing, to a enjoying type. In 08, China's per capita GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT reached 23708 yuan, a lot more than $3000, designated it has technically entered the consumption composition adjustment period. In recent years, China's luxury marketplace has steadily stepped into rapid rise level. According to McKinsey's review, 2010 home income of more than 300000 groups of luxury usage totaled 56. 8 billion yuan, accounting for 71% of the total amount from the luxury marketplace. And wealthy families of China, the number of relatives income in 30 to 1 million yuan are growing at an annual rate of 15. 6%, is predicted in 2015, China could have 5. 5 million people reached this kind of level of income; (the many wealthy households earning more than $1 million) are growing even more quickly, growing regarding 22. 4% a year, in 2015 you will discover 1 . 1 million people will achieve this level of income. With the speedy increase of affluent, McKinsey expects China's luxury market scale increases from $14 billion in 2010 to 2010 of $30 billion, a few annual substance growth level of 18. 6%, China and tiawan will account for 20% of worldwide luxury market, more than The japanese to become the world's major market to get luxury products. The luxury industry will not be limited to the first-tier cities. In accordance to a McKinsey survey, completely, two urban centers of Beijing, Shanghai extravagance scale in $300 mil, accounting intended for 21% of luxury items market level, and luxurious in nine cities industry size is regarding 2 . 64 billion, accounting for more than 33%. By 2015, Beijing, Shanghai in china luxury items market is likely to reach $60 million, five-year CAGR (Compound Average Progress Rate) of 16. five per cent, and eight big metropolis market size will reach $90 mil, five-year CAGR of 15. 4%. Moreover the rest of the twenty-five developed urban centers, the size of industry will also be improved from $350 million this season to hundreds of dollars million in 2015. With China's rapid economic creation and urbanization process accelerated, China's per capita charms consumption has increased significantly in recent times, from $10,50. 2 in 2000 increased to $18. 8 last year. And in comparison with the produced countries on the globe, China's per capita earrings consumption was significantly lower. According to consulting figures, in 2009 the Chinese rings consumption every capita is merely $18. eight, while the United states of america and Japan that physique for $154. 7 and $89 correspondingly, is one among China's ten times and 5 times. From your perspective from the level of usage of rare metal, the situation is the same, relating to 2009 gold usage per capita is only zero. 33 g/people in China and tiawan, and Asia is you g/people, Southern Korea is 1 . 3 g/person, Taiwan is 1 ) 4 g/person. If the way forward for China's charms per capita consumption level can reach the level of these kinds of countries, and so jewelry demand in China will grow about 5 times, therefore the prize jewelry space is still significant. Exhibit 1 )

High-end Manufacturer

Medium- and high-end Brand

Medium-end Company


TIFFANY& CO, Audemars,

Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang,

Old Phoenix, az Fook, Older Temple Platinum,

Diamond Jewelry



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