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From 0 to 90 in 3 years 4 several weeks: Shangri-La, Sydney

Dr Troy Heffernan, University or college of Plymouth, UK and Marcelle Foundling, Charles Sturt University, Quotes You cannot transport a tradition, but you can indeed translate it; that is, take into account and adapt to the local environment (Giovanni Angelini, CEO and managing director of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts (Hamdi 2006)).



The Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and Areas is the major Asian-based deluxe hotel group in the region. The name ‘Shangri-La' and organization philosophy, ‘Shangri-La hospitality via caring people', were motivated by James Hilton's legendary novel, Dropped Horizon. The novel's mythological paradise properly encapsulates the right of genuine serenity and service which is why Shangri-La Accommodations and Places has come to end up being recognised. ‘Shangri-La Care' is known as a living tradition within the group, strongly maintained the top management and consistently cascaded throughout the organisation. In July the year 2003, the group took control over its first Australian home, Shangri-La Lodge Sydney (formerly ANA Harbour Grand Hotel) as part of a worldwide expansion technique. Of the 49 Shangri-La hotels worldwide, 37 are held by the group through Hong Kong-listed Shangri-La, Asia. The Sydney opportunity represents a shift away from the owner-operator strategy of previous years since it leased the property. The company recognises that increased expansion opportunities are available through lease, joint venture or supervision contracts, yet such projects threaten control of the quality of the Shangri-La brand. In this framework, success in Sydney features far-reaching ramifications for success of the group. The problems with ethnic adaptation and adjustments to organisational procedures will provide a springboard for organisational learning and notify the group's expansion into other non-Asian locations. Found in the cardiovascular of the historical Rocks region, Shangri-La, Sydney is most famous for its incredible views of Sydney Harbour and double CASE STUDY

symbols the Harbor Bridge and Opera Home. In March 2005 an A$37 , 000, 000 refurbishment was completed, incorporating guest bedrooms, public areas, restaurants and bars and setting a fresh citywide benchmark for lodging, food and beverage products and service. Functionality figures revealed rapid improvement under the fresh management and get continuing to boost over the last 3 years 4 a few months. A competitor analysis completed by ANA Harbour Grand Motel showed it had been ranked fourth against the various other major best hotels in vegas in Sydney in 2001 and third in 2002. In This summer 2003 Shangri-La, Sydney was ranked next against it is competitors (Four Seasons, Westin, Sheraton and Intercontinental) in occupancy rank, third to get average revenue per day and third pertaining to revenue reveal index. By simply December june 2006 and January 2006 year-todate figures confirmed that Shangri-La was ranked number one over-all these crucial indicators. Since further acknowledgement of Shangri-La's success, the hotel received seven market awards in 2005. 5 years ago it won Best Luxury Accommodation, NSW Tourism Accolades; Australian Hotels Association



Deluxe Motel of the 12 months; and Australian Hotels Connection Most Imaginative Marketing Campaign. The hotel was also voted One of the Top 20 Overseas Business Hotels, Conde Nast Traveller (UK) 2006–07, demonstrating Shangri-La's growing intercontinental reputation. Shangri-La went via ‘0 to 100', by arriving to number one, sydney, australia region deluxe motel market within a short period of time. However , the transition is actually not easy, with a number of challenging cultural and operational problems that needed to be resolved.

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