The Aging Musculoskeletal Program

The Aging Musculoskeletal System

Crysany Arroyo


ITT Technical Institute


Brittle bones is a ailment that is explained by low bone mass and loss in bone tissues basically loss of the our bones that lead to weak and sensitive bones. Bone tissues are always in a state of changing where fresh bone damaged tissues are exchanging the old cuboid tissue to keep the strength. That affects men and women but it can be quite a disease that affects mostly women. However when an individual is diagnosed with osteoporosis it means the fact that bone muscle and mass is not really replaced because fast with new bone tissue which is one factor of osteoporosis. Another component that causes brittle bones is a insufficiency in estrogen which typically occurs in menopause creating low cuboid density as a result of drop of estrogen. The probable effects on an everyday routine of an 84- year old slim white girl maybe crucial. Since the bones become so thin and still have low bone fragments density, a small fall could cause a break.


Of bone deficiencies osteoarthritis is the most common. That typically includes aging and wearing in the joints. Sore joints have a protective cartilage(cushion that sets apart the joint from the bone) on the end of your bones that once you get older has on down harmful the joints. That affects men and women. Generally ahead of the age of 45 it affects men and affects women normally following the age of fifty-five. The causes of the osteoarthritis are generally not due to injury or deterioration of the joint although can offer an increase in the severity nevertheless mostly has to do with the organic aging of the joint. That mostly impacts the hands, feet, knees and body. In an 84 year old slender white feminine osteoarthritis could be painful. Stiffness is a symptom of osteoarthritis which cause pain following inactivity from the joint over time of time....

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